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Mainpage / Blog / What to give an employee on his birthday

What to give an employee on his birthday

23 Jun 2023

A gift for an employee's birthday: uniform style vs creativity

A colleague's birthday is a holiday for the whole office, the mood improves, goodwill flies in the atmosphere, and goodies appear in the kitchen. Many employers show the value of an employee and make a gift on behalf of the company. It can be a useful or emotional present, with branding or without, in any case, it causes joy and brings a positive effect. Of course, it is cool when there is an opportunity to give something that a person wanted, to fulfill a dream or to pick up a thing that will help with a hobby and so on. This approach works well in small offices, but what about companies with tens / hundreds / thousands of employees? From the article you will learn what is better: a single style / format or a creative and individual approach.

The importance of a birthday present for a colleague

Corporate gifts for general holidays have already become something of a given, where companies only choose the format, budget and execution option. Few people can be surprised by this, which causes joy in HR (it is much easier to unite the team and establish communication, increase team loyalty). It is non-trivial occasions for gifts that provide special value and differentiate favorably from competitors, which is now actively emphasized by modern large companies.

A gift to a male or female colleague from the company is a thank you for the work, a demonstration of the value of a person not only as a working unit, but also as an individual. Thanks to this gesture, the employee receives not only a charge of positive emotions, but also another confirmation that he has chosen the right place of work.

Unwrapping gifts at the workplace equals +100500 to positive emotions in the office

Pros and cons of an individual approach to a gift to a colleague

Choosing a gift taking into account the characteristics of a specific person is a great idea, because this way you increase the significance of the employee, you can emphasize the strengths and achieve the maximum "wow" effect.

Pros of a special employee gift:

- full satisfaction of the need for human significance;

- emotional response;

- selection among competitors;

- interest of the team, maximum involvement in corporate life;

- securing positive feedback about the company;

- more chances to get feedback in social networks, on services for employers and employees, improvement of reputation;

- broadcast of the company's philosophy in the importance of each colleague individually.

Disadvantages of an individual approach:

- the need for HR to spend a lot of time to learn more about the employee (hobbies, interests, dreams, goals, etc.);

- the difficulty of implementing the approach for new employees;

- high energy consumption when choosing a gift, organizing its order, delivery;

- the impossibility of branding one gift or the high price of this service;

- extremely difficult implementation for large companies with a large number of employees;

- incorrect interpretation among colleagues due to the difference in the budget, as well as the accuracy of the choice of the gift (someone managed to please completely, and someone will get absolutely not what they wanted).

When choosing an individual gift, HR has a huge responsibility, it takes a lot of work time to achieve the desired effect. This approach can be used in small companies, but it is worth evaluating the ratio of benefit and harm for the work process and the atmosphere in the team.

Are you afraid of getting caught by an employee? Order ready-made and tested solutions from GiftIdeas

Pros and cons of corporate gifts of a single format

Commemorative souvenirs and desired gifts for colleagues can be of the same type and this is a normal practice among companies. This not only simplifies the life of HR, but also strengthens the team and makes them equal. Some companies order useful items for home or work branding with a different color scheme for women and men, others order boxes with different contents.

Advantages of a single format for the company:

- reduced cost for wholesale orders;

- absence of unnecessary costs of man-hours for the selection and execution of the order;

- the possibility of branding, applying a logo;

- long-term storage;

- broadcast of the company's philosophy without a double implication.

Disadvantages of a single style:

- large orders require storage space;

- lack of universal gift ideas;

- you need to find a responsible executor of corporate gifts;

- the gift may not be so effective and memorable.

The effect of corporate gifts of a single format depends on the professionalism of their implementation. There is a difference between the same things with a logo imprint and a thoughtful box, where the packaging and composition are thought out in a combination of creativity, trends, usefulness and emotional response.

Where to order corporate gifts as a group

The company GiftIdeas develops universal boxes for corporate gifts for men and women. In the catalog you will find options for different topics, which differ in composition and presentation. All sets can be modified, supplemented, the price already includes adaptation of the design to the brand book, logo application.

5 reasons to cooperate with GiftIdeas:

The choice of boxes for male and female colleagues of different ages is easy to choose for the team.
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Help in the selection of boxes, design of the technical task.
Fulfillment of orders on time, fast delivery.
Free up time for important work processes, and GiftIdeas specialists will take care of cool corporate gifts!

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