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Mainpage / Blog / Welcome Kit Corporate Gifts For New Employees: What Is It And Why Are Leading Companies Spending Money On It?

Welcome Kit Corporate Gifts For New Employees: What Is It And Why Are Leading Companies Spending Money On It?

23 Jun 2023

A change of job is considered a stressful factor for the human psyche: new people, place, project and task. The employee has to deal with internal fears and temptations before you can get the desired performance and indicators. Welcome Kit in Ukraine is gaining popularity, as business owners and HR began to notice that bonuses on the first days of work shorten the employee's getting used to it and motivate him to work better. How does it work and what is usually given to new colleagues?

Welcome pack: what it is and why it is needed (psychology)

On the first day of work, a person gets to know the place and the people with whom he will have to cooperate. Leaving a good impression is important for the company, because the level of motivation of the employee, his incentive to show efficiency, depends greatly on the mood and attitude towards the company.

In the psychology of people, there is a pattern that in order to get something, you need to do something. It's another matter when a person receives something undeserved, just like that. It causes joy and a certain sense of duty that you need to give thanks in some way. Corporate gifts encourage the employee to show that the company has made the right choice in his favor.

The effect of gifts to new employees:

- the image of the company is emphasized, because the Welcome Kit is not practiced everywhere and it will strongly distinguish the organization from competitors;

- the value of the staff, the employer's attitude towards the new team member is demonstrated;

- the process of adaptation is shortened, a person understands that they are positively disposed towards him and there is a desire to join the working moments faster;

- a corporate spirit is formed, a person feels like a member of a team.

Corporate gifts for new employees are already actively practiced in IT companies and large holdings of Ukraine. This modern approach emphasizes that a person is valued not only as a tool, but also appreciates his individuality, thanks for the fact that he made the decision to become part of the company.

Commemorative gifts for colleagues: what are the benefits for business

In 2021, people change their place of work more often than it was 5 years ago. A large number of companies compete with each other in order to hire the best specialists, attract their attention and engage them to stay for a long time. It is possible and necessary to stimulate employees from the first days of cooperation, one of such ways is corporate life, including a welcome kit.

4 reasons to start giving corporate gifts to new colleagues

  1. Creates the image of the company, improves the opinion of the employer. In the era of social networks, people began to quickly leave feedback, comments and carefully study them before each choice. If the salary level of several vacancies is the same, then a person will prefer to go to work in the company about which he heard / read positive reviews. You won't surprise anyone with a comfortable office and cookies, the welcome kit is another matter. Gifts to colleagues are a conditionally free way to declare yourself, because a satisfied person will definitely tell their friends and followers about you (for this, HR will tell you: "Thank you!")
  2. Faster employee results and less burnout. A friendly atmosphere contributes to the fact that a person is happy to try for the benefit of the company that cares about him. Positive emotions from gifts and other components of corporate life allow a person to distract himself from routine worries, to feel needed and important, and because of this, the quality of work increases.
  3. Increasing the term of work of employees. Good specialists change companies not only for financial reasons, for many it is important to be part of a cohesive team, to feel the employer's involvement in the team. Gifts for new colleagues, regular incentives, team building and company holidays affect how long a person wants to stay with the company.
  4. Broadcasting the company's values and philosophy. Corporate gifts can be standard, but it is much better to show individuality and introduce the employee to the principles of the company, key features through the recruitment of a newbie.

Ideas for gifts for a colleague on the first day of work

The welcome kit can consist of items that will help a person in his work, or pleasant bonuses to raise his mood. Some companies combine these 2 factors and give corporate gifts in the form of stationery with branding, as well as small buns in the form of sweets, souvenirs (more options can be seen in our catalog).

What can be included in the welcome kit:

- notebooks, pens and calendars in a corporate style;

- cups with branding;

- tea/coffee and sweets;

- motivational poster, souvenir;

- mouse pad, phone stand;

- table clock;

- organizers.

A memorable gift to a colleague on the first working day can consist of various items, while it is very important to present a nice surprise. GiftIdeas creates turnkey corporate gifts so that your employees enjoy not only the content, but also the packaging (branding of boxes and boxes, changing the color palette according to the brand book).

Good design of gifts GiftIdeas increases % happiness of receiving, verified!

A gift to a colleague: is it necessary?

make separate sets for men and women

Separate sets give individuality and also allow you to give exactly what you need. Female and male colleagues may have different needs, so to achieve the Wow effect, we recommend creating corporate gifts for women and men with different contents. For example, at GiftIdeas you can order a box with stationery and cosmetics, which girls will really like, and boxes with electronics and more practical gifts will appeal to boys.

GiftIdeas creates boxes with a Wow effect, no less!

Welcome KIT: why you should order corporate gifts from Gift Ideas

Gift Ideas creates corporate gifts that people want. We take into account the specifics of the target audience so that it is easy to find a suitable option in the catalog, taking into account the age of employees, the company's field of activity and the philosophy of the brand.

Advantages of Gift Ideas:

- a large selection of turnkey boxes and the opportunity to assemble a gift yourself;

- branding and creative design of boxes taking into account the brand book;

- high-quality gifts, we cooperate only with proven manufacturers;

- we care about the environment, our gifts from the box to the filling are suitable for companies


- we perform work according to the TOR, we do not miss the deadlines;

- convenient payment and fast delivery.

Stand out and develop corporate spirit with Gift Ideas!
Our gifts are a combination of practicality and positive emotions, the boxes are praised on social networks and proudly shown to friends.


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