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Mainpage / Blog / What gifts to decorate boring walls in the office?

What gifts to decorate boring walls in the office?

25 Aug 2023

Everyone who works in an office knows how important the atmosphere around them is. The interior of the workplace is one of the most important factors that gives employees inspiration. Just imagine two different offices: The first one has white walls, several desks with work equipment and windows, and the second one has table decorations, flowers, maybe a humidifier with aroma oil, paintings/panels/calendars on the desks. An employee who wants to enjoy their working time is more likely to choose the second option)

People always need aesthetics around them, and wall decorations will help to dilute monochromatic walls.

Even simple wall decorations can be used to structure the space of a room. Their location in the center emphasizes the symmetry of the interior, while the other will divide the space into zones. Wide ones will increase the length of the room, and narrow ones - the height. And if you prefer chaos to orderliness, asymmetrically placed paintings will help to add lightness and dynamism to the room)

We offer you to look through several options from our collection)


What is a panel? This is a large painting that can be made of different materials: wood, glass, paper, etc.

The panel "FREE UKRAINE" is a beautiful decoration for your office made of plywood. The black background depicts ears of rye. In Ukrainian folklore, special attention is paid to the image of rye as a symbol of life. It is no coincidence that the words rye and life are cognates. And we can't help but pay attention to the fact that rye is often an attribute of various ceremonial actions - weddings, Christmas, harvest, etc.

This decoration option is ideal for those who want to create an atmosphere in the office that encourages inspiration and long work.


A calendar is a necessary and important assistant in a person's life. It perfectly allows you to plan things, reminds you of important dates and helps you navigate in time. This is a classic, great option for any office.

This calendar is made in the national colors of Ukraine, which already sets you up for a patriotic mood and self-improvement.


This version of the calendar is made of plywood and will perfectly match the office interior. This calendar is more than just a practical tool; it is a wonderful study of the changing seasons. Each page of the Quarterly Calendar is a window into a three-month period. Whether it adorns your home office, hangs in your kitchen, or adorns the walls of your workplace, this calendar will help you plan your time ahead.


The Perpetual Circle Calendar is a masterful combination of aesthetic beauty and timeless functionality. Created in the shape of a perfect circle made of wood, this calendar is a symbol of continuity, just like time itself. Unlike traditional calendars with fixed months and days, the Perpetual Circle Calendar is designed to adapt seamlessly to any year, making it an eternal companion that transcends time. Simply set the calendar to the current month and day, and it will display the corresponding dates for the entire year, year after year.


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