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Christmas cutiya

Артикул: КП-0225

462 UAH

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The website shows the approximate cost, please check with the manager at the time of ordering for the current prices.

Do you cook kutia at home for Christmas? This dish has always symbolized the wealth and prosperity of the home. Cooking Christmas kutia is not only our Ukrainian tradition, it is what unites us around the Christmas table.

There are many recipes for delicious kutia, and we have chosen one of the best for you.

"Christmas Kutia" is a set for making classic Ukrainian kutia. Be sure to try it). Its taste is familiar to everyone: the sweet aroma of honey, delicious nuts and natural raisins. And of course, the best wheat.

Cook with us, make gifts for your loved ones and everything will be delicious!

Contact the manager for free suggestions on how to change the content and packaging of this set according to your budget and wishes

 We make to order in 5-20 days

 We will change the set

 We will make it in your corporate colors

 We will apply the logo

 We will deliver for free

Poppy seeds, 100g (branded, included in the price)

Raisins, 80g (branded, included in the price)

Mixed nuts, 100g (branded, included in the price)

Acacia honey, 250g (branded, included in the price)

Wheat, 100g (branded, included in the price)

Christmas tree ornament made of plywood (branded, included in the price)

Recipe card (branded, included in the price)

Cardboard box (branded, included in the price)


The prices listed on the website may vary slightly, depending on many factors. Both cash and non-cash payments are available, which makes receiving gifts easier. Given that gifts are made to order, all orders are made on a prepaid basis. An advance payment of 70% is possible before the start of production and payment of the remaining 30% before shipment of the order.

We are located in the city of Uzhhorod, but this does not prevent us from sending sets to you anywhere in Ukraine :) You can receive gift sets by the following delivery services:
- New mail,
- Deliveri,
- Ukrposhta.
And we also made sure that you do not incur additional costs for the delivery of gift sets and took these costs upon ourselves.

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